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In US, StumbleUpon Now Largest Driver of Site Traffic

Via GigaOm:

Web discovery engine StumbleUpon is now the biggest traffic driver among social media websites in the US, according to global web analytics service StatCounter. The company unseated Facebook at the top during June 2011, according to the latest StatCounter social media data. StatCounter tracks hits to over 3 million websites, and its social media data is gathered by analyzing every hit referred by a social media site.

Cut and Paste and Run



As part of our ongoing inquiry into the future of journalism,
Emily Green talks about finding her research
(and her words) in someone else’s book.

So, I find myself wondering, what am I going to do about the man who I think plagiarized me?

Sue him? I’ve bleated to a few lawyers. Humiliate him in front of his editor? I’ve written her. Shame him? I’m writing this.

My anger has the evanescence of an ephemeral stream. It dries up, then it comes gushing up in a basement two blocks away.

This case of seeping choler started on a hot Wednesday night in late June. I’d just spent the afternoon doing what non-fiction writers do: being bored witless in the line of duty, in this instance at a Sediment Management Meeting at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. I’d stopped at Vroman’s in Pasadena to pick up a few on-call volumes about the history of the Los Angeles County Flood Control Division. There’d been this hanging commitment to write a round-up of water books for a certain publication (initials LARB), so I also stopped by the Environment section to check out the shelves.

Oh! There’s that new water book by Julia Child’s nephew. There had been posts on various water blogs. I couldn’t remember, but I wondered if, as a member of the water news echo chamber, I hadn’t tweeted a recent appearance of his on the Daily Show?

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